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I'm a contemporary artist who lives in Atlanta, GA.

As a youngster I was the "artist in the family", and spent a lot of time drawing. I went from ball point pens to pencils and then pen and ink, really focusing on photo-realism, but I was also getting into comics and comic art which exposed me to many different drawing styles such as Roger Dean. Upon entering the Fine Art program at Pensacola State College, under the leadership of award-winning painter Carl Duke and artist and poet Allan Peterson, I turned away from drawing altogether and took up painting.

At the age of 21 I visited The National Gallery in Washington, where I saw the exhibition "Kandinsky: Improvisations", as well as large paintings by Matisse, Motherwell, Gottlieb and others. That experience opened my eyes and mind to an appreciation for modern art. My main artistic influencers are Kline, Soulages and de Kooning, but I also love De Chirico, Magritte and Whistler. Really too many to name.

In the years since I have continued my artistic journey, exploring and developing my own form of contemporary art.

Group Exhibitions

2022 Oct   Casa Batllo, Barcelona Spain "Brain Cake"

2022 Oct   M.A.D.S. Gallery, Milano Italy "R E M"

2022 Jun   M.A.D.S. Gallery, Milano Italy "Visceral"

2022 May   M.A.D.S. Gallery, Milano Italy "Liquid Arsenal"

2022 Apr   M.A.D.S. Gallery, Milano Italy "Yellow"

2022 Jan   Palazzo Ducale, Genoa Italy "To New Beginnings"

2022 Jan   The Loft Gallery, Marietta GA "Duality"

2021 Nov   The Loft Gallery, Marietta GA "Menagerie"

2021 May   Oculus, NYC MvVO AD ART SHOW

2021 May   The Loft Gallery, Marietta GA "Flourish"

2020 Sep   Galleria Cael, Milano Italy "Sparkle"

2020 Aug   Palazzo Ducale, Genoa Italy "Eureka"

2019 Oct   The Mill, Roswell GA Creative Mill Art Exposition

2018 Oct   The Mill, Roswell GA Creative Mill Art Exposition

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