Art is an experience. It is not a mere object. It is a physical object, sure. But it is an object that is, at least potentially, invested with a kind of magic. It is an intensely personal acquisition for most people. It is one of the primary ways that they express their personality in their home - their most intimate environment. It is also often a way for people to access deeper parts of themselves. The artist’s creativity and imagery is quite often a conduit for a purchaser to relate to the less frequently visited aspects of their personality - sometimes the softer and gentler ones. What is this experience worth? For some, it is literally priceless.

We offer a couple of convenient options for purchasing or renting Cam Villar's available work. Only work that is listed for sale may be rented. If the page for that piece doesn't have a link that says "OWN THIS PIECE", it is not available for purchase or rent. 

Click here to view all available art.


All pieces in the online galleries are original, one-of-a-kind paintings by the artist. There are no prints or reproductions. If you see an available piece you want, click the "OWN THIS PIECE" link and it will take you to the store page for that piece. The quantity listed will always be "1" (as each piece is original). Click the "Add to Cart" button. You will see a sidebar that prompts you to proceed to a secure checkout. Follow that link and you're all set! We will be in touch about shipping preferences, local pickup, etc.

Some pieces are available matted, bagged and boarded for a small fee. Inquire for details.


If you're an Atlanta-area interior designer, decorator, set designer or otherwise in the market for renting art for decorating or staging private or commercial interiors, or film and tv production, you can rent any of my available pieces on a weekly basis. DO NOT click the "OWN THIS PIECE" link or the "Add to Cart" button.

Instead, go to the Contact form and send us a message about which piece(s) you would like to rent. We will send you a rental contract for your review.

The rental fee structure is simple: we rent pieces on a weekly basis for 25% of the purchase price.

If you wish to buy the piece at the end of your desired rental period, you may pay the outstanding remaining balance.


Purchases are handled through the secure checkut feature of our website host. Rentals can be paid via PayPal, Zelle, Venmo or check.


For all works on paper, the listed size is approximate. The artist does not use a cutter, so the edges are often slightly irregular. There is always sufficient excess to adequately mat the piece without irregular edges being visible.

If you have any questions, ask us prior to making a commitment. We'll be happy to send you photos of the unmatted piece or photos of the artwork in a mat and/or framed. Most paper pieces are sized for a 16" x 20" frame, some fit 22" x 28" frames.


All paintings on canvas use gallery-wrapped canvas. This type of canvas is difficult to unwrap and ship rolled, so we do not offer that. Paintings will be shipped on the stretchers packed flat in a box. Local metro Atlanta we will arrange to drop off or meet.

Click here to view all available art.

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