Abstract or Abstracted? March 2021

Is there a difference between abstract and abstracted art? I would describe myself as an abstract, and sometimes abstract expressionist painter.

I make this distinction because not all of my paintings are purely abstract. Many have visual imagery that is merely abstracted as a result of being painted through the lens of my personal vision and techniques. I'll use the painting shown here called "Disappearing Man" as an example.

One of my passions is the study of past civilizations. I'm fascinated by the artifacts of societies that have long since disappeared. A trip to London allowed me to indulge in and absorb the ancient wonders of the British Museum and V+A. The painting shown here is an evocation of tablets, stele and stones that were once colorful and contemporary but are now faded and eroding. There is the upper torso of a figure, with his head turned to your left in a reflection of Egyptian figurative art. I don't consider this an abstract expressionist painting in the pure sense. It is an abstracted painting.

It would be revealing to explain the imagery in other paintings of mine, but I won't do that, as it would take the mystery, and potential revelations away. I believe it's more important that you experience what your eye sees in my art.


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