A B O U T   C A M   V I L L A R

I'm a multi-disciplinary artist living in North Metro Atlanta, Georgia. My works include pencil/pen and ink, oil and acrylic paintings on canvas and paper, digital art and graphic design.

In my youth I spent a lot of time drawing. My goal was to be able to draw as realistically as possible, but around the age of 10 I started getting into comics, where the wide variety of comic art opened my eyes to more stylistic drawing techniques. If you ever want to get into a long conversation with me, ask me about that.

My aspiration was to become an architect, and to that end I studied architectural drafting and mechanical drawing in HS. But when I entered the Commercial Art program at Pensacola State College under the tutelage of award-winning painter Carl Duke and artist and poet Allan Peterson, I began exploring fine art and painting techniques, and all that rigid architectural training went out the window!

As fate would have it, I had to go to Washington D.C. when I was 20, and was able to see the exhibition "Kandinsky: Improvisations" at The National Gallery. I also visited the Hirshorn, the Corcoran and other museums where my view of modern art (which was never very high) was changed forever. The most impactful work for me was the abstract expressionists, and the incorporation of black as a key grounding color continues in my work to this day.

I love being outdoors, and I'm really tuned in to the beauty of the natural world. Many of my works are landscapes in a real or imaginary sense, influenced by places I've been or seen. The textures, colors, compositions, energies and movement of rocks, trees, and clouds are an endless source of motivation for me and take many forms in my art.


2022 Oct   Casa Batllo, Barcelona Spain "Brain Cake"

2022 Oct   M.A.D.S. Gallery, Milano Italy "R E M"

2022 Jun   M.A.D.S. Gallery, Milano Italy "Visceral"

2022 May   M.A.D.S. Gallery, Milano Italy "Liquid Arsenal"

2022 Apr   M.A.D.S. Gallery, Milano Italy "Yellow"

2022 Jan   Palazzo Ducale, Genoa Italy "To New Beginnings"

2022 Jan   The Loft Gallery, Marietta GA "Duality"

2021 Nov   The Loft Gallery, Marietta GA "Menagerie"

2021 May   Oculus, NYC MvVO AD ART SHOW

2021 May   The Loft Gallery, Marietta GA "Flourish"

2020 Sep   Galleria Cael, Milano Italy "Sparkle"

2020 Aug   Palazzo Ducale, Genoa Italy "Eureka"

2019 Oct   The Mill, Roswell GA Creative Mill Art Exposition

2018 Oct   The Mill, Roswell GA Creative Mill Art Exposition

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